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This Sunday was great as at last we got tickets to watch the movie Inception written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Many in the blog world would have written about the film and the brilliance of the writer, Director. Me too was awestruck when I first happened to see his film Memento few months ago. That film actually changed my view on screenplay. I enjoy the company of my younger brother very much as he always helps me to have new insights at the particles or matter I put sight. After watching the movie for the first time, he asked me what would be the original story of this film( The film is based on a short story written by Christopher Nolan’s Brother Jonathan Nolan). I narrated what that might be, but after watching that movie a dozen times we successfully found out i was totally wrong on guessing the story. Now that’s screenplay for you.

OK. Coming back to Inception, I had a great time watching the movie. I would say i was in trance(even at the interval) while in the theater. I had a personal inclination to the film because it answered to few of my questions which were haunting from my child hood. As a remainder i would try and state the one liner of the story. The protagonist (as he is the one who dreams where other persons enter into his subconscious)  of this film goes into a dream there by dragging the target or subject into his dream. There in the space of dream he actually tries and go into the subconscious of the target with his permission and steals the ideas or dreams of the target. This is called Deception. For the first time He was asked to navigate into the target’s subconscious and plant an idea.  We will stop at this point because this is where the contents of this blog starts. Before watching the film i was skeptical about the idea of Inception. I was in Theni a year ago and was working as a spoken English tutor, so I had a lot of free time then( even now) . At those times I had a bundle of ideas running through my head making me uncomfortable because my mind was not able to concentrate on single idea. As there was so many ideas my mind was navigating very fast through all the ideas just like flipping pages in a book. I started wondering for a solution and some suggested meditation. It worked to an extent as i was now able to follow my mind with a bit more precision. But  still i was not able to understand from where it started. The film Inception gave me the answer for that. As I was free and stress-free i had ample time to sleep. This film gave me a clarity that these ideas must have been generated while i was asleep( There is a dialogue in the movie about working of brain while humans are asleep). This was the first clarity.

Now the second and most important one. How does the protagonist navigate through others mind or in other words how his mind is in tandem with other person’s mind. i would like to tell a small story here. This happened almost 17 years ago. My native is thirunelveli  and i was in school then. Just like any other school boy i had friends from vivid atmospheres. i would like to mention two of them. Narendhran and selvaraj. Narendhran is from an orthodox brahmin family which belongs to vaishnava sector. His father was working for state government as village administrative office. selvaraj is from a BPL family where his father makes pots for the survival. One sad day a terrible accident happened and selvaraj father’s right hand got chopped away till his elbow. I went to see him and was bewildered seeing him doing some strange action with his left hand. When i asked for the reason for what i saw, he told me that his pain was unbearable and so he dreams and pretends that having his right hand and with two hands he was making potteries.

After few days Narendhran suggested that if selvaraj father can come and see his father, he would get some government help to support his family. So selvaraj’s father  went to Narendhran’s house. At that time Narendhran’s father was preparing sree chooranam, a sort of mixture that vaishnavites used to bear on their fore head. The process of preparing sree chooranam requires great patience and skill. It’s a mixture where sandalwood, kumkum and black substance called Kale(l)i  is added in a bowl and it should be mixed using hands and fingers rotating clockwise and anticlockwise, some thing very similar to pottery making. when selvaraj father saw this he was in ecstasy, saying that he actually fell like he using his right hand to do that preparation of sree chooranam. He further went to request Narendhran’s father to allow him daily to see the process of sree chooranam. Science which I studied then had no answers for this. And even doctors and psychologists were not able to solve this puzzle. But later I found answer for that in Neuro science. That is there are simulators in the fore brain which burn and work if i see some thing and want to pull that thing. There are about 170 to 200 simulators are there to perform this act. Recent studies discovered that there are further more simulator(they are refered as empathy neurons) which burn when i see somebody who does things like pulling or pushing the objects. The reason we dont feel in our body like pulling something ourselves while watching others pulling something is the sensory cells in our hand sends signals to the brain that it actually is not pulling anything. But if our hand has been made numb, with the help of sedatives and chemicals then WE would actually feel like pulling the objects by just watching OTHERS pull an object. This exact phenomenon happened to selvaraj’s father as his hand was numb because of the accident. Now in the film Inception they are connected to fluids or  chemicals before going into sleep and then into dream. I strongly believe that must be some kind of sedative so that they break the barrier called BODY and go into a space where everything is connected with everything( you might called that as higgs particles ). Now Narendhran is working as professor and selvaraj is a sculptor who makes artistic frame works in mud,stone,wood and metals. Now is there any specific reason for their choice of profession. well, we can discuss that in the next post.

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